Friday, August 13, 2004

After some two weeks of thinking, switching decisions between striking out on my own and returning to another salaried job, I have finally decided to start my own business. Don't have a well articulate business plan yet. Don't even have a good idea what would be my primary focus. For now, I am mostly taking in sub-contracts from others to build up my cash reserves. Sustainability comes first. However, in the mean time I can also manage my own time and not be hurried by time constraints to rush to work and to rush off work. The new found freedom allows me to be able to spend some time to do other things that I would otherwise simply put off to later (which usually means never).
The website for the new business (sole-proprietorship, which also means it is a one-man-show - with help from my wife) is now being built. Will reveal the URL when I am ready.