Thursday, June 17, 2004

The previous photo was taken using a Sony Ericsson T610. This one is taken using the new Nokia 7610.
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At a certain time of the day, with a certain amount of sunlight, the toilet bowl in my office looks like it glows from within. Just an interesting sight that I thought I wanted to share.
Posted by Hello An interesting way to produce an encyclopedia. Using the opensource methodology, it is possible to author quite a lot of things out there. I found this page when I tried "open source government" in Google, and discovered a new concept where government policies are drawn up very much the same way source code is written in the open source environment.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Recently I have been uploading my baby's photos to blogpost via's IM client. However, one problem I encountered was that when I attempted to delete a wrongly uploaded image, there was no way for me to do it.
I was using my Yahoo Mail Plus! account (the one where I pay $19.99/year for bigger space and was informed that they will be upgrading my mailbox to 2GB at no extra costs. This sounds like good news to me. However, as I continued to surf the site, it seems like the engineers are still working on the roll-out, on the production servers!

Sometimes I will see a plain interface, sometimes I see the new interface, and sometimes I see the old interface. Sometimes I am told I have 25MB quota, and sometimes I am told I have 2GB quota.

The most interesting thing is that I actually received an email from yahoobot telling me that my quota is -2048MB and I am currently taking up 2MB, which is way too much over the quota I am given. hahaha!

Anyway, I trust Yahoo engineers know what they are doing, and I think I won't complain about a little interface issues, when I am given a 2GB mailbox upgrade at no extra cost.

Monday, June 14, 2004

I am in the midst of cleaning up what I call my "online identity". Basically this means cleaning up the pointers that point to pages either created by me or about me.

Along the way, I remembered there was a domain forwarding service I subscribed to and I have a domain name like this: Egoistic, but it is something that I can remember really well even after years. So I looked up the site hosting it (in fact I forgot that was the correct site, so I tried and found it.) and realised (remembered) that it is now pointing to my old Radio site at Ok, time to update it to point to my jroller site at