Saturday, September 10, 2005

Playing with GreaseMonkey

Just installed the GreaseMonkey extension today and browsed to look for scripts to play with. Came across this script that allows me to add tags to my blog, pointing to and technorati, effectively creating categories in Blogger. Let's test it out. :)

Friday, September 09, 2005

Approached by a friend on network marketing

Ok, I try to keep my mind opened and go listen to a presentation again. Still I walked out of the presentation thinking these guys are only a bunch of motivation speakers wannabe reusing the same descriptions over and over again. "So-and-so is a great guy to help you build your passive income business because he has good work-ethics", "so-and-so is such an amazing couple", "do you want to achieve your dream", and other sentences like this peppered the whole evening's presentation.

They always talk about building a business and being a business owner, but I really wonder how many of them talk about a business in terms of revenue, expenses, costs, gross profit, net profit, tax etc etc etc. Isn't the bottom-line what people always look for in a business?? No, in the network marketing world, it is the down-line you are concerned with, nevermind that only that few blessed individuals who started the network are the only case studies you can show with the multiple down-lines which you always dangle as carrots to the prospective recruit.

Maybe I don't understand the business of network marketing, but no-one who approached me has bothered to explain the mechanics to me. They are always too concerned with rehashing the rhetorics. Ok, history has proven that network marketing company works, but shouldn't the recruitment process be more pragmatic and appeal to people's power to reason and identify a working business model, than to appeal to people's greed (disguised as 'dream')??

To make matters worst, I have to receive an SMS followed by a phone call at 12.30am from this friend after the session, asking for more of my time during my precious weekend to sell me more about the idea. Oh, and the CD they passed me for reference in my own time, they need it back in two days...... I really wonder what is the hurry, don't they know that such pressure tactics scare people off?