Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Has almost abandoned this site again. Someone was telling me blogging is a lifestyle, and I really have to agree to it. When I was much younger, writing a diary was almost always one point in my annual exercise to establish new year resolutions. And almost every year the diary-writing efforts would whither away within months, if not weeks of starting out.

Along came the Internet and blogging bloomed. Got myself a few blog sites, all focusing on different topics. This blog is the only one where I post "Miscellaneous" stuff, so it is the closest to some sort of a diary. Needless to say, the same person leads the same lifestyle, and after some initial ethusiasm in keeping the blog up to date with my thoughts, the postings dwindled again. Anyway, I have came to terms with that, and since it is part of my lifestyle to occasionally come to this blog site to post my thoughts (occasionally means months in between to me), just let it be.
My good friend Wilfrid Wong has recently set up his blog site. Includes writings he has done over the years. Interesting person with interesting thoughts.