Thursday, October 09, 2003

Someone wrote a lucene search implement for BroadVision, and also took the time to do up this image.
Using RSS in JSP pages describes the usage of Informa, a new open-source Java API for parsing RSS files.

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

I am terribly excited at the rate of development of the RSS/weblog related technologies out there in the web. However, one of the things that I had problem with is how to categorise and collectively call this set of technologies. (To call it 'RSS/weblog related set of technologies' is a mouth full and does not give the technology justice.

Through some readings, I came across the term Semantic Web, and it does seem to shed some light on the path that RSS/weblog related techonlogies are all to solve the problem of make information machine-understandable.

Hey, wait a minutes, doesn't machine-understandble information sound suspiciously like Web Services, the buzz word of the last few years? Yes it does. In fact, my view is that Semantic Web technologies (now I can call them 'Semantic Web Technologies' instead of 'RSS/weblog related technologies') will lead the adoption of web services with its ability to ease and assist in Content Consumption.

Just like the HTML-brochureware-to-transaction-heavy-sites kind of evolution, I believe that web services evloution will follow the same path, gaining popularity and wide usage first based on content, then follow suite with transaction capabilities.
John Robb's Weblog
Aggregators are going to be the next killer-app!
JESS is a derivative of CLIPS, an Expert System Engine. Seems like it has gotten more acceptance recently. J2EE Community - Jess and the javax.rules API
Live statistics of the California vote. Arnie the next governor of CA? Looks likely when I last checked.

Found another open sourced Java application server.
JOnAS - Home Page

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Blogging is fun. It satisfy my need to share with everyone in the world what goes on in my mind. However, I think it really is a big drain on engery, when everything that could be said, now needs to be written. Audioblogs will not solve this problem, since they cannot be easily "glanced-over" like a text blogging site can.

I was spending the most parts of this rainy morning try to write a post in my company wiki/blog, to communicate details of an upcoming project. I know the benefits of having it all written down, instead of just holding a meeting where half the information will be forgotten once the attendees stream out of the room to lunch, but it is still a pain to write all these down properly.

Just wondering, is blogging going to help all this? Maybe if I started blogging about the engagement from the start, it would help.
Just learnt that now both IE6.0 and Mozilla can render XML files using XSL files with directives like the following:
<?xml-stylesheet href="/parts/rss.xsl" type="text/xsl" media="screen"?>
This is interesting, as it takes away the need to perform the rendering of the HTML at the server side. However, I wonder what is the percentage of browsers out there that can support this feature.
This is pretty cool. A Japanese guy who is dedicated to making RSS-related technology work. (Anyway, are these technology collectively known as Semantic Web? Got to find out more) He has done quite some work translating FOAF to Japanese. I cannot read Japanese, but I guess I can use this site to learn...:P

RSS Feed Reader @ Web KANZAKI
Stumbled upon this site that focuses on license that is suitable for bloggers. Creative Commons. Will check it out further later.
Try this chinese UTF 8
Perseus - The Blogging Iceberg

This is one of the first few articles that said something negative about blogging. Apparently I fall into the category that has the smallest population - the 13,600 blogs that were resumed after being abandoned. :)

source: BlogDex - top on the list when I checked.

Monday, October 06, 2003

Will this appear properly as Chinese Text on my blog? Does support chinese?
Apparently it does not.

hehehe... I finally found out that the above code is wonder it did not work....
Chinese blogging is getting really big too. CNBlog:Blog On Blog