Tuesday, August 17, 2004

I am dealing with a Taiwanese client currently, and was cracking my brain to think of what "Content Management System" is called in Chinese. Tried BabelFish and the result I got was "美滿的管理系統". Ok, I know I hope my clients will be contented with the CMS that I will be providing them, but the

I tried "web content management system" and got "網路內容管理系統". This should be what I want, since "content" maps to "內容" more naturally. Did a google search with "內容管理系統" and found an article in InterWoven's site on it. Ok, this confirms that the term is used at least by one of the bigger content management system vendor.

The same article also taught me the names of a few other terms: Enterprise Information Portal - "
企 業入口網站", which means "portal" will map to "入口網站". Knowledge Management is "知識管理". Interestingly the same article simply used "e-learning" without translating it. Is that too new a term to be coined?