Friday, September 15, 2006

My N80 is faulty!

Bad day. Bluetooth ear piece not working, left wired headset in notebook bag which was left at friend’s place, and received a call from my mother while driving in the heavy rain to retrieve the notebook. I was not able to speak to my mother without a proper earpiece while I was driving, and the loudspeaker mode just did not seem to work properly.

I stopped the car at a carpark and returned my mother’s call. The phone’s speaker at the ear (there is another speaker on the side) for the handset mode just refused to emit any sound. I had no choice but to use the loudspeaker mode, which miraculously worked again.

Called my wife to test the phone after hanging up with my mother. Again I could not hear a thing she said, although she heard me loud and clear. Tried removing the battery. Tried hardresetting. No luck.

Guess I have to bring it to the Nokia Service Centre for servicing. Sigh, and the phone is just a few months’ old.

Is it true that products nowadays don’t last anymore?

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Wilf said...

I know! My N80 has problem too! Whenever I send SMS these days, it sort of hang for like 30 seconds to a minute. Very annoying. According to my other friends using N80, I will need a software upgrade.

However, your problem sounds more like a hardware problem (somehow I sort of encounting lost of network problem with my N80 ... once at home, it switched to a Malaysian network).